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We sure enjoyed our time in Deming, NM yesterday. In spite of the strong wind and blowing dust, it was seeing relatives (Cathy & Darrell) and then friends (John & Bridget) we had not met yet, which made the day really special.

This morning, we once again took our time getting ready to leave.

I dumped the holding tanks because I wanted no extra weight to pull across that mountain just east of Las Cruces, NM on Hwy 70.

It was 9:00 AM before we pulled away from the RV Park.

It was an easy drive except for the city traffic with construction work through Las Cruces.

That construction, with traffic and quick changing stop lights caused me to lock up the brakes once, raising smoke from a tire, but the main thing was that the construction slowed us to 45 mph right up to where the climb up the mountain began. There was no chance to get any speed built up for that climb.

The truck stayed right in there with temperatures remaining rock solid in the middle of the normal range, although the speed slowed to 35 mph by the time I reached the top and started down the other side.

By noon, we were parked at Boot Hill RV Park, all set up, and ready to relax. Well, sort of…

I dragged out the air compressor and aired up the air bag on the hitch, then drove the truck about 6 miles back into town to fuel up.

By the time I returned to the RV, Marilyn was ready to go with me to fuel her little car with less than 3 gallons of gas. Hardly worth the effort.

On the way back to the RV we stopped at a Pistachio Farm and made some purchases.

Garlic & Onion, and Garlic & Chili flavors were the choices we made today.

I left them in Marilyn’s car to avoid temptation. They might make it all the way to Missouri that way. LOL

It was a beautiful day here in Alamogordo and Marilyn took advantage of it by sitting outdoors in the sunshine.

I enjoyed the computer and relaxed, knowing that tomorrow we would have a long drive to Amarillo, Texas.

Marilyn will be riding with me though, as we plan to tow her car, so I’ll have chatter and lively conversation as we go along.

That should help the miles to roll by.

Each day now gets us one day closer to being back in Missouri with family and friends. Can’t wait to get our arms around those grandkids.

Life is Good!

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