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With an easy day of travel ahead of us, we took our time getting ready to go this morning.

I stopped to chat with our neighbor who pulled in late yesterday afternoon. These nice folks have a home in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and have camped at Mountaindale many times.

They spent the winter in Heber, California, and are now on the way home.

Even with taking our time, it was only 8:25 when we pulled out of the RV Park this morning.

We had only 140 miles to travel but would lose an hour of time when we crossed from Arizona into New Mexico.

It was three hours later by the time we registered and were set up at “Little Vineyard” RV Park in Deming, NM.

We then took the truck to fill it with fuel, followed by a stop at Walmart to pick up a few supplies.

As we drove in at Walmart, we were directly behind another Mobile Suites 5th wheel. It was an older model but was very clean and shiny.

There was a line of vehicles waiting to exit Walmart and the Mobile Suites made a sharp left turn into the parking area.

We watched it happen but it was so fast that we had no chance to do anything.

A Dept of Transportation Pickup truck was about 10 feet behind the vehicle in front of him and the RV clipped the rear bumper of the pickup.

End result for the pickup was nothing more than a broken tail-light but the Mobile Suites had a nice dent and scrape in the side behind the water heater area.

We felt worse when we noticed the Mobile Suites was from Missouri.

By the time we were finished at Walmart, all the excitement appeared to be over but we sure felt bad for the people involved.

We drove back to our RV, put groceries away, and sat down to eat a Subway sandwich we shared for lunch.

I called my cousin Cathy and fine tuned our plans to get together for dinner and visiting later today.

We met Cathy & Darrell at "Si Senor". a good Mexican restaurant we had eaten at before.

We had a nice visit before ordering our meal and then the conversation continued as we lingered after the food was finished off.

It was certainly a pleasure to spend time with these loving family members. Of course all of our family members are good people! LOL

One more thing was that, before we left this morning, I worked on the rear view camera and got that working fine.

I am happy about that because we will sure use it to monitor the car when we tow it between Alamogordo and Amarillo.

So that is the way our day went today. All in all, it was a very good day for us, making it easy to say Life is Good!

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