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No folks, it's not a mis-type. The name of the country really is "The Gambia".

There were options again today. We chose the city tour, which included the National Museum, Arc d’Triomphe (Arch 22 monument), & a walk through the Albert Market. After the market, we headed to Serrekunda to visit a batik factory and see how it’s made.

Captain’s Banquet tonight, so everyone got dressed up & took photos in the lounge after dinner. We looked pretty good. Dinner with Rastko & Monica and Gerri & Bruce.

When we returned to the ship some local musicians were on the sun deck playing. One of the guys was playing some crazy instrument with about 27 strings. Playing right along with them was our own Alfredo. I should take a minute to talk about the “Smooth Sounds of Alfredo.” He is our onboard entertainment (singer & piano player). He actually had a slot on Philippines Next Top Idol and had to choose between that and the sure thing of the SilverSea contract to support his family. Needless to say – he took the contract. What’s incredible about Alfredo is that he can sing just about anything. They said that on the prior leg of the cruise, passengers had tried really hard to stump him with all sorts of songs even in different languages, and failed. Tonight he performed both a beautiful Aria and a piece from Les Misérables for us. Bill asked last night if he knew a certain Green Day song (he’d never heard itbefore), and by tonight he played it perfectly. Amazing!

Had a nice final dinner with Gerri & Bruce (Chicago) and Sue & Jerry (UK). This is actually the first night I’ve had to order something completely off the menu to meet my dietary restrictions. That’s pretty impressive if you think about it. Up to now something on each nightly menu has been workable for me.

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