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Today we had a beach all to ourselves, and it was beautiful. We skipped the early birding & botany walks, and opted just to hang out. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that the crew had set up a bar & the butlers were walking around on the beach in their tuxes with their pant legs rolled up serving fruit kabobs, champagne & fruity drinks. Very cool image.

People were paddling around in kayaks, snorkeling, swimming, & just hanging out on the beach. Sean found some cool shells on the way back from snorkeling, along with a sea urchin he found with his bare foot. Ouch! (It didn’t look like too much fun digging the spines out of his foot later either.) Rastko & Monica said there wasn’t really anywhere to go in the kayaks, so I skipped it. Monica did tell me that I should walk around to the beach on the other side, because it was beautiful & since that side was more shallow, there were lots of great shells to be found as the tide receded. Monica & I (the pale ones) headed back to the ship leaving the guys on the beach for a while longer. Sean came back looking rather painfully red.

Dinner with Artem Kolmykov, the ship’s Safety Officer. After being surprised by the news that there actually are pirates on the Western side of Africa, we asked him about the “additional safety precautions” taken the first three nights that they’d been unwilling to tell us about at the time. While he mostly dodged on giving us particulars, he did say that there were extra crew on watch those nights. Artem is actually from Kaliningrad, which is the part of Russia separated from the rest of it by the 3 Baltic states, so that was interesting to hear about as well.

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