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Sydney's Centerpoint Tower


Did you know that Australia is the only country that eats both...

Well I am waiting for my flight from Sydney to Toronto, via Fiji and LAX, and I tried to upload some photos of Sydney from the web on to my webpage but it wouldn't work....sorry...anyway, I can happily report that I had a wonderful 24 hours in Sydney! I met up with a friend from Adelaide who happened to be in Sydney this weekend, and we went to a couple of Darlinghurt neighborhood pubs for dinner and a drink or two, then saw the most incredible drag show I have ever seen in my entire life--and I have seen a few in my day! I am serious, this show was amazing--three gorgeous drag queens and two stunning gogo boys with some of the best choreography and music I have ever seen! It was quite fitting that I should see such a show, as en route to Sydney by train we stopped at Broken Hill (beginning of the outback) and I saw the hideous hotel with all the murals made famous in "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert." I have thrilled, then realized that I was in Broken Hill--a miserable little mining town in the middle of no-where!

Got to catch my flight....cheers,


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