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Scenery from Chiricahua Nat'l Monument

One of the many Trails here


Visitor's Center






We were all alone for awhile









Plaque for Rex Allen's Horse, Ko-Ko




This should have been before the museums

Statue of Rex Allen

We sure enjoyed our cowboy and indian day today, visiting several places I have read about over the years.

I admit to being a history buff and especially history from the “old west”, so places like Chiricahua National Monument, Fort Bowie, and museums like the Rex Allen Museum, and the Marty Robbins Museum were “Must See” on our travel Bucket List.

This morning, we set off to see the Chiricahua National Monument, about 35 miles south of Willcox, Arizona.

Marilyn was the photographer as usual and she must have worn her “trigger finger” down to a nub because all I heard was Ooh and Ahh, Slow Down, Stop, Back Up, or Pull Over, as she snapped picture after picture.

I’ll try to select a few to share with you.

We passed up the visit to Fort Bowie because it is all gravel roads and then a hike of about three miles round trip to visit this historic site.

I did read the brochure and study the drawings and pictures. That along with internet information will have to suffice.

You might be interested to know that Warren Earp, Wyatt Earp's youngest brother was shot, killed, and is buried here in Willcox. He is the only one of the Earp brothers buried in Arizona.

Back in Willcox, I drove to a restaurant we were told about, where all the food is prepared from scratch. “Grandma’s” is the name and it seems to be THE PLACE to eat here in Willcox.

Guess what? That’s right, they were closed today and this is our last day here on this trip.

We settled for a burger at a fast food place. Bummer!

An afternoon visit to the Museums finished off our day.

Rex Allen was cremated when he passed away but some of his ashes are buried across the street from his museum, under a statue of Rex Allen with his guitar. His horse, Ko-Ko, is also buried there under a plaque.

This is a small museum and costs $3 for a couple to visit.

The Marty Robbins museum is also small and costs $1 per person as a donation.

At the Marty Robbins museum, I purchased a CD of his most popular hits. We learned also about the numerous movies he was part of and his music was featured in several more.

All interesting history.

For my ex-newspaper publisher friends, Mike and Nick, they are working on a newspaper museum here in Willcox, to show what the newspaper business was like in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

If you pass through this area, you might want to stop.

So that was our day today.

Fun exploring and now it is time to relax and get ready for short trip of 140 miles or so tomorrow.

We’ll be visiting relatives in Deming, NM.

Life is Good!

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