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I awoke at 2:00 this morning thinking about the electric issue we had on the truck. I lay in bed worrying about the “what if” scenario.

What if the alternator stopped working and the batteries discharged completely? Who do you call on Easter Sunday? Where would we go? Would they have a Ford dealership? The worry fest went on and on as I hovered half way between sleep and wakefulness.

When I woke a little after 6:00 to begin the day, I reasoned that the electrical system seemed to be working normally most of the time. The fact that the Battery warning light came on the last time I drove the truck may have been an anomaly. So what if one of the batteries was 7 years old?

OK, I called the local Ford dealer and he said to bring the truck in right away and they would get on it.

They checked both batteries and the alternator. One battery was not good at all (The nearly 7 year old one) and the other was not 100% although it could be used.

The advice I had suggested that both batteries be changed at the same time, so I chose that option and gave the “go-ahead” to install two new batteries.

They said that they would check the alternator once the new batteries were installed.

Bad news! The alternator had been damaged trying to charge the two batteries when they were nearly dead.

I was so happy a few days ago when I discovered that we were getting a nice tax refund this year.


I spent most of the tax refund on truck repairs but now all is really good and mechanically solid.

I’ll have enough left to take Marilyn out for a nice dinner! LOL

We spent the remainder of our morning finishing up the “get ready for the road” chores.

Since we are leaving tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we went to Mass this afternoon.

After that we enjoyed time with Lee & Betty and Elling & Nancy.

Betty served a delicious Easter dinner and we all had a nice time.

With basketball on TV, a delicious meal, and good company, it was just one fine evening.

After we walked home, Lee brought some of that delicious ham over so we could make a sandwich for the road tomorrow.

So now, with chores complete, we are ready to go.

It has been a good place to spend the winter and we’ve sure enjoyed time spent in the company of some very good friends.

Now we are off to spend time with family, then more good friends in Colorado, then Texas.

Oh my, for sure it is easy to say that Life is Good!

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