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The first crew

Here they are

The second crew

The third crew

They lie in peace

Some gravesites off by themselves

A different kind of tomb

Protected under the great Live Oaks

All set for the tram tour of the Magnolia Plantation

Turtles sunning themselves on one of the many ramps in the lakes

These are the original slave houses...2 families to a house.

The green "covering" on the ponds is called duckweed

And the ducks leave little short trails as they swim through it.

The alligators use the "sunning ramps" too.

This is a big alligator!

The Magnolia Plantation House.- the third to grace the site in more...


Yep. We stopped in November for supposedly one week....and we're STILL here...ringing in the New Year!! As you've noted, sometimes we're just not very fast travelers.


Well, our New Year 2013 started off with a bang! Bob and I went to the post office in Ravenel so he could mail some things to his brother while I picked up a package from Bill and the kids. Stopped at the seafood shack on the way home for some clams. And then it happened! Some woman coming in the opposite direction turned right in front of me and I hit her! My poor truck! Luckily, no one was injured but damage to her car was rather extensive from the right rear door back and my poor truck lost it’s right eye and other pieces around the front right which will result in a new fender, grill, headlight, etc. I tried to swerve to miss her but she slowed down right as she was turning and I couldn’t turn into oncoming traffic.

I pulled into the business right next door and then, after checking that she was okay, Bob put out warning triangles (although her car was pretty much out of the line of traffic). She said she was so busy watching the car getting ready to pull out from where she was turning, she didn’t even see me. Ambulance came; cop came; fire truck came; roll back came (for her car). Bob hurt his shoulder so off he went in the ambulance. Got everything taken care of then I drove the truck to a repair shop recommended by one of the bystanders, and lo and behold, it was right next to the Enterprise Car Rental place! Talk about convenience. Got the truck settled in for the weekend (and probably next week) then walked over to Enterprise to get a car. Brought that back and unloaded all the fishing gear and other stuff into the truck. Then down to the hospital to pick Bob up. X-rays show torn rotator cuff (he knew that), some osteoarthritis (he knew that, too), and a couple of other things but nothing serious. Well, the rotator cuff is serious but we knew about that so….on to CVS for some Percocet but since it was a 40-minute wait, we decided to go to the CVS in Ravenel. Stopped back at the truck to get my handicap hangtag and finally, after a long and unfortunately, too exciting day, on home to enjoy a dinner of clams and mussels.

Welcome to 2013!!

Now, since I'm writing this on March 31st and we arrived in Georgia yesterday, I'll just give a synopsis on some of the things we did from December 31st 2012 and March 30th 2013.

* Went to a sales spiel for one of the local hotels/vacation club. You don't buy any certain week; you basically buy a "room" at any of the participating hotels all over the world. It really sounded like a great deal...they even had campgrounds. Unfortunately, pets weren't allowed (hotels) so although I was so tempted to buy in, we just couldn't do it. Saved by the pets!! We did get a free meal at the Noisy Oyster (delicious) and a $50 Visa card out of the deal so it was time well spent.

* Guy at our fresh shrimp dock is converting old Navy Salvage Boat, complete with pressure chamber (Naval divers went off it in full diving gear complete with the air lines) to a private vessel for his own use. He sold the pressure chamber and that sale, alone, paid for the boat and much of the remodeling.

* Bob spent a lot of time downtown while I went out geocaching. There is a free trolley that goes all around town so he visited the customs house, art studios, Ft. Sumter museum, aquarium, museums, etc. The Carnival cruise line docks at Charleston which is really neat to see. Met him down there one evening for delicious dinner at Noisy Oyster.

* There are many, many old beautiful plantations down here and one day we went to the Magnolia Plantation, one of the ones open to the public. We took the tram tour and saw alligators, gardens, ducks and duckweed.

* One of the geocaches where Bob joined me was at the rear of a fish store. While I searched for the cache, Bob went inside to see what he could see. When I was done, I joined him and what he (and I) saw was a fantastic beautiful tropical store with huge salt water tanks filled with many different colorful fish. We get to see some very interesting sights when we go geocaching, sights we would have not seen otherwise.

* Took another couple from the campground down to see the Angel Oak tree and stopped at the Charleston Tea Plantation on the way home. For a tea lover, the gift shop is outstanding with many beautiful tea settings and an area where you can taste-test several of the teas made in the factory. We toured the factory but since the "tea season" wasn't on yet, nothing was running. Very nice trip, indeed.

* Another geocaching trip took both of us to the graveyard where 3 crews of the H. L. Hunley are buried. Such a sad story about this submarine. I certainly don't think I would have been a member of the third crew after hearing what happened to the first two crews! However, I wouldn’t mind being buried there under the beautiful live oaks.

* One place where we went geocaching (behind a Food Lion Grocery Store), there was a whole herd of wild cats of all different ages, sizes and colors. We figured someone from the grocery store was feeding them because there were several bowls of water out for them, a couple of "cat houses", and styrofoam dishes filled with dry cat food. Several weeks later, I was back in the same area for a Munzee and as I was standing there, I noticed a car drive up to the cat area, very slowly, and the cats were swarming around it. It was the "Cat Feeder", a gentleman who feeds them every day, traps them, takes them to get spayed or neutered and then returns them to the colony. That is really neat. We spoke for awhile and he told me he has been doing this for over 4 years. Thankfully, the local animal shelter pays for the spay/neuter deal so all it really costs him is time and the $$ for the cat food. He has named most of them and has occasionally found homes for the younger ones that will adapt to a home life easier than the seniors in the group. There was one small grey and white one I would have liked to have taken with me but she was too shy to get near. I was glad to see that someone cared for them though.


The truck FINALLY out of the shop!! It has been in the shop for 1 month and 15 days!! But, oh, I’m going to miss the zippy little car. So Bob wakes me up this morning with “Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Seems that the fellow across the lane from us backed into the truck this a.m. when he was leaving for work! Thankfully, only a dent in the truck’s bumper but his repair bill will be a bit more since he had taillight pieces strewn for about 5 feet behind the truck.

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