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We are not morning people, but on days when lots of driving lies ahead, we get ourselves up and going. Only one cup of coffee allowed. When Ken pressed the button to bring the jacks up, the ones in the back sort of rose and the ones in the front did not react at all. When the jacks are down, forward motion is impossible. So we got out the well worn HWH manual and Ken followed the instruction for manual retraction. When the jacks came up and he turned on the ignition, the "jacks down" alarm blared even though the jacks were no longer down. So then we dug out the well worn diagram of all the fuses in the coach, pulled the right one and we were finally on our way. Not such an early start.

The route across Colorado on I-70 is an engineering marvel. We have never crossed the Rockies in the motor home and as we went from 4,800 feet to over 11,000 feet we were happy to see the engine handle the climb without hesitation. We did not go as fast as the cars, but faster than many trucks. The road twisted and turned through the Rockies following the route of the Colorado River. At time we were on high trestles and we went through a number of tunnels, the Eisenhower being the best known because it is the longest closed so often due to snow. There were some snow flurries just to keep things interesting and we could see drifts along side the road from the big storm that came through a few days ago. Water seeping through the cliffs was still frozen solid and lots of skiers were on the slopes celebrating Good Friday in their own athletic way. And what goes up must come down. We know someone who burned out his engine, braking his way through these mountains, but again the coach was up to the challenge.

Traffic was heavy around Denver, but we knew that once we were passed it, today's drive was almost over. But when we came to the campground the owner said that the only empty sites he had were without electricity, so we drove on another hour before we came to another. The extra driving is not really all that helpful, because we cannot get home any sooner now that it's certain that another stop at HWH in Moscow IA in on the calendar for Monday. Those recently well behaved jacks had raised my hopes that we could just pass on by, but clearly it is time to try again. We have been battling with this problem since 2009 and have gradually replaced every component in the system. Wonder what's left and how much that will cost. Diagnosis is everything.

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