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Scarborough pier

Olde Worlde charm


Scarborough, another seaside resort/fishing town in Yorkshire (also lays claim to having the best fish and chips) (

The hotel we have chosen is right on the Esplanade overlooking the bay. a quick tour of the town quickly confirms that it is indeed a tourist town. Along the esplanade every 2nd business is an amusement parlour. But not the amusement parlour we may remember from our youth. Instead of pinball machines or video games, these parlours are filled with games of chance machines - still with the same flashing lights and bells and whistles, but this time instead of giving you pleasure, they just take your money. All rather tacky really. However, this in no way detracts from the charm of the town. It's still filled with grand Victorian mansions, charming B&B's, and streets filled with curio outlets, local crafts and produce. A pity we're only staying here for one night.

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