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The weather up north seems to be holding so its off to Scotland for a quick look see. Lochs and highlands are what we want to see, so after consulting our travel bible, Google Maps, we select Ayr as a good place to stay for a couple of nights (

Arrive at Ayr, find the B&B we booked, the Daviot Guesthouse (, stow the luggage, and head off to explore the town for a bit. Weather may be holding, but it is bitterly cold. Walking along the seafront means you get blasted by an icy wind which seems to be straight off the north pole. Not a bad little place is Ayr (a bit more interesting than its namesake in QLD). Cobbled streets, lovely old buildings, sweeping sea views from the promenade, a smattering of quaint pubs and eating places - but so cold: temp feels as though its below zero, and its still the middle of the day!!

About an hours drive north is Loch Lomond, on of the bigger lakes in Scotland, so the next day we head up there for a look. The scenery is quite amazing - snow capped hills which form long valleys along which the Loch seems to run forever. We stopped at a small village called Tarbet for some lunch (, before heading back along the lake to Ayr.

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