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Today was a day for just wandering around the neighborhood. With this weather it seemed to be the best option. The weather was quite wonderful. Overnight snow had left a white blanket covering the city, no wind or rain. The snow covering actually made everything seemed so quiet - you could actually your feet crunching in the snow as you walked.

People were out and about despite the cold, children were throwing snowballs at each other in the street.

Decided on walking up to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ( It really is an amazing building. Whether or not you are religious you can't help but wonder at the architecture and the detail in the friezes and statues.

After the Basilica we ventured into the back streets of the area in search of a gallery dedicated to the works of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali (

At this point the kids decided enough of the walking and headed back while Julie & I decided to explore further. Montmartre is a fascinating area - ranging from crass tourism, artistic squares, bars and bistros, discount clothing and shoe outlets, fashionable apartment blocks, as well as a full kilometer long strip of sex shops, strip clubs, and massage parlours (Kings Cross would be so jealous).

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