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Today was another day of exploring the local sights (there is so many). After our, by now, obligatory early morning walk followed by a leisurely breakfast, we visit the local War museum. What a fascinating place it is. Quite apart from being filled with military paraphernalia, the narratives with each exhibit put into perspective the place which Greece holds in the history of the modern world - from its early struggles for independence from the Turks, to the Balkan Wars, Macedonian struggles, World War I and World War II, Greece has been an integral part of European history.

After the museum, we head up the hill to visit the mighty Palamidi Fortress (circa 1714). It really is an imposing sight from the streets of Nafplion, but it isn't until you are on top of the walls that you get a true picture of its sheer size ( To walk around the entire site and soak up the historical ambience takes 2 - 3 hours (sure gives the knees and legs a solid workout).

After Palamidi, we head back down into the town to visit the local markets where all sorts of local produce is on sale. Julie bought some dates and she now vows to never buy them from the supermarkets in Australia ever again - just no comparison in taste or texture.

To round off the day we find a coffee house for a well earned rest and coffee (and cake), before heading back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Argos and Lerna to visit more archaeological sites(and coffee houses). If we have time might try and get down to a place called Monemvassia, a very historic port/fishing village.

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