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Castle Palamidi



Today we go exploring the city of Nafplion and the surrounding areas. Starting from our hotel at 8am its a pleasant stroll along the port road, past numerous bars/cafes. We headed out to the lighthouse to get a better view of Bourtzi Island and its fort. Along the way there are numerous people out fishing (the bay is reputed to be one of the most fertile bodies of water in Greece). The air is cold and crisp, and the water dead calm. Te sun hasn't yet appeared over the surrounding hills so it seems like its about 6am instead of 8am. The place is deserted with only a few people wandering around (apparently the phrase 9-5 doesn't apply in Greece).

After a quick coffee in one of the coffee houses in the main square of the town, we decide to head over to Epidavros to see the ancient amphitheatre and the Sanctuary of Asklipios (

Once again we ventured out onto the roads of Greece. Only this time it was worse - roads were narrower, greek drivers were even worse, all the road signs are written in Greek with no hint of their english equivalent, and we are totally unsure of where we were supposed to be going. All in all, the experience was enough to make Julie close here eyes, murmer hail mary's, and let out the occasional little scream.

But eventually we made it - and it was worth it. The site was truly amazing. Apparently the accoustics of the plsace allowed the speaker in the middle to tsalk in hushed tones and be heard by the person in the furthest seats (a quick on site test quickly illustrates the accuracy of this statement). When you stand among these ruins, and realise that they date back to 3 & 4BC, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about back home about a few buildings built in the early 20th century. All about perspective I suppose.

We are enjoying Nafplion so much we have decided to spend the rest of our time in Greece here before we fly bout to Italy on Friday. Its just such a wonderful place to roam around. tomorrow we venture up the hill to visit the Palamidi Castle. Stay tuned.

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