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Harbour Fort


Today was a travel day. We leave Athens and head for Nafplion. A short walk from our hotel in Athens down to the Avis car rental agency. Pick up the caR and head off down the road. OK, everything you may ever have heard about driving in Greece is absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, correct!!! A hair raising experience and not for the faint hearted!! not only did we have to contend with a left hand drive vehicle, and driving on the right side of the road, and trying to read road signs in Greek, but it soon became apparent that Greek drivers consider it their solemn duty to ignore all the road rules put in place!!! After a few nerve racking moments we soon found ourselves on the correct road to head to head out of Athens to Corinthos and Nafplion.

After leaving the city limits we find ourselves on a 3 lane freeway with a speed limit of 120kmh. Now, when I say 120, I mean that appears to be the minimum speed (we were in the slow lane at 120 and other cars were going past us like we were standing still!!). We finally find the exit to Nafplion, and now we are presented with a whole new adventure - negotiating narrow, winding back roads, with sudden turns to be negotiated with no warning, and drivers still hell bent on ignoring road rules.

After some narrow misses, wrong turns and guessing where we are, we eventually stumbled onto Nafplion. This is a largish port town, set on a large natural harbour. Nafplion was the first capital of the first independent Greek state (1821),so it holds a special place in greek culture ( - in fact people who live in the Peloponessos area consider themselves to be the true Greeks. And so we find ourselves at our new home for a few days - the Pensione Amorfi Poli, a lovely small family run hotel set in the back streets of the old part of Nafplion (

More to follow tomorrow as we do some exploring.

(Now let Jules tell you guys the real truth of driving in Greece, the bastards are all nuts and you really do need to be on Prozac or Mogadon to even contemplate driving. If you didnt have grey hair b4 you absolutely,positively would have it after)

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