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I was still sipping my morning coffee when Marilyn announced that it was time for her to get started on the pre-travel chores.

The next thing I knew she had begun storing things away and moving things around.

I hurried to finish my coffee and get outdoors before she included me in the things being stored away.

Outdoors, I dumped and rinsed the holding tanks and then thought maybe I should get started on the pre-moving chores also.

I watched as the neighbors behind us left on their journey back to Minnesota.

Now we have a good view of Superstition Mountain again.

We will miss that scenery once we leave here.

It was around noon before I was able to get a shower and put on clean clothing.

Marilyn had started a beef roast in the slow cooker, and then took off for a walk. As she left, I was ordered to clean up the “mess” beside my chair, so she could run the vacuum when she returned.

“Yes Dear!”

With the area beside my chair (I call it my desk!) all cleaned, I was finally ready for my shower.

I have nothing on my agenda now, except more March Madness, for the afternoon.

Marilyn did take a few pictures while out on her walk so I will share some of those with you folks. Flowers and Cactus!

Our departure date is fast approaching and we still have a few things we would like to do. The truth is that we will have to save some things for a return visit.

I’m sure that we’ll be back to this area for a winter, if we are able to stay on the road for a few more years.

Just being practical folks, as age continues to creep upwards. LOL

After sitting in one place for several months, it takes us awhile to get things ready to go. It seems that we never pack things the same way twice. It is just a matter of finding a place where things will fit and ride well until we reach our next destination.

Marilyn was really busy as she also fixed a great Crab salad today. Mighty tasty!

So, with the windows open, a nice soft breeze blowing through, and delicious food waiting, all we need to make it a perfect day is some great basketball on TV.

Oh, wait! That is exactly what we have.

Life is Good!

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