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Captain Larry is at the helm

We set out from BJs at 8 am

Our friend Janet, from Australia, all ready to go

Passing Diamond Lil, med-moored in front of our property

Three lobster boats

Stopping in Calabash Bight

To pick up Wendy and Hugh

and their kayaks

Our friends, Ed and Julie, relaxing with their morning coffee

"Land Ahoy" says Captain Larry

Arriving at the Pigeon Cays

a very remote spot. You need good weather to come here, it's...

Heading close to the little island to anchor



Fun in the kayaks

Exploring the tiny island

Fun in the water

Karen made me one of her famous carrot cakes

The view as we left and headed towards Helene

The island of Helene


We anchored and headed to land in a dory for lunch

Kevit's wife, serving our lunch

Lunch on the beach

An after lunch stroll


Kevit and Janet

A dory being built

Island home

So pretty

Under the ficus tree with Janet

Tiny flower on a huge tree - trying to find out what...

Our driver, Cootie

Trying out the telescope

The Corwith Cramer, leaving the island

I can do it too, John

What better way to celebrate my birthday could there possibly be than a boat cruise with friends? We gladly accepted the invitation to join Larry and Karen and a group of our friends aboard their dive boat Islander for a cruise to the Pigeon Cays.

Armed with snorkeling supplies and bathing suits, we met at BJs Backyard, just across the channel from where we live. It was an 8 am departure, pretty darn early for the Captain and me. We are up at the crack of dawn each day, but trying to actually be somewhere that early, well that's stressful.

After a brief stop to pick up Wendy, Hugh and their kayaks in Calabash Bight, we headed east, past the end of the island, to the Pigeon Cays, three tiny islets that seem to be in the middle of nowhere. The water was crystal clear, as we anchored within swimming distance of one pristine, little island.

After a great water workout, we headed back west, stopping at the scenic little island of St. Helene, considered part of Roatan, although it is a separated by a narrow mangrove channel. Lunch was served on the beach, by Kevit and his wife. He caught the dorado and grouper and she cooked it, along with rice and beans, potato salad and vegetables. For desert we had fresh fruit.

After lunch, a stroll along the picturesque island was in order. The photo opps were endless, as we wandered along the sandy trail that led along the shore.

On the return trip, we caught a glimpse of the Corwith Cramer, a research vessel manned by college students, earning credits as they travel the high seas. Captain Cootie raced across the sea towards her so that we could get close enough for pictures.

I was beat by the time we pulled into BJs and wandered inside to have a cold one there before heading home - it's tradition. It was after 5 by the time we crawled into the boat - sticky, salty, burned, exhausted, but what a great day we had!

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