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PANAMA CITY buses similar to Madilla

Panama City New replace the old city

PANAMA CITY Similar to Singapore but like a slump

Hi Everybody

Yesterday I took a 10 hour flight to Panama city, as it was a long flight i took 2 sleeping pills, and after a while as usual did nothing, so I took another one, and still nothing so I took another two, and in my opinion still did nothing, but now thinking about those 10 hours I do not remember anything after eating, I do not even remember the plane landing, and the next thing was getting up for my bag to go down. Then after that I remember all.

This morning in Panama city, from my Hostel went for the bus to the city center but took ages so I walked it, nothing interesting on the way, and also the city, it has nothing much to impress you, and after walking round all morning, the rain held and did not disturb me, then afternoon I took a bus to old Panama, which is only a few blocks of every building to form the old city. By 3pm the rain started very hard, I was lucky as I was eating at the time, and waited a few hours till it stopped and I could go back to the guest house and rest. Now I'm so tiered that is it till tomorrow.

From what I see Panama is not much, and I am not so keen to stay more then the 3 nights,but I plan to buy a ticket from here to San Blast islands.

I still managed a few photos, but they not much.

Best Regards Tony

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