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We are on the road tomorrow, driving north to the state of Utah, to visit Zion and Bryce, a couple of National Parks we have not visited before now.

Because we’ll be on the road tomorrow we decided to attend Mass this morning.

We did have a couple of errands to run before it was time to head over to the church.

As we left the resort we noticed a very long line of traffic going the other direction. In fact the traffic was backed up at least three miles, and we were glad we were headed in the other direction.

They were mostly heading to the Renaissance festival, which is only three miles past the entrance to our resort.

The Mesa Market (We call it the Flea Market, but it really isn’t that) was our first stop.

We found the place we were looking for, called “You Saw it on TV” and purchased a couple of those collapsible garden hoses you see advertised, and a salsa maker for a friend.

From there we drove to Hobby Lobby where Marilyn finally found the cross-stitch material she has been searching for.

It was getting close to time for church so we headed in that direction to attend Mass at St George Parish, which is a beautiful church in Apache Junction.

After Mass we headed back to our resort, but as we approached the intersection where we join Highway 60, Marilyn called my attention to the traffic. This time it was backed up at least five miles!

We turned around and drove to Los Gringos Locos for some lunch, deciding to wait as long as possible to return home.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and lingered over the refill of chips and salsa.

Finally we decided to brave the traffic and go home, but I stalled just a bit longer to fill the car with fuel.

The price for gasoline was $3.73 per gallon but I had a discount card good for 10 cents per gallon off the price, so that helped a tiny bit.

Of course the little gas sipper car we have only held a fraction over 4 gallons.

Back home we relaxed for awhile before Marilyn started packing for our trip. Then it was my turn, so I retrieved the luggage and threw a few things in the bags.

All set!!

So early tomorrow morning, we'll be on the way to another adventure.

Life is Good!

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