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I showered while Marilyn put the coffee on this morning.

Once the coffee was finished off it was time to get busy.

We did the dishes, then cleaned the RV so that things looked nice before we drove off to Walmart where I purchased the battery terminal cleaner I needed.

I am now prepared to clean the terminals on the truck batteries.

Have to get things ready for leaving you know.

Back at the RV we put the groceries away, then Marilyn left for a walk while I prepared some pork steak for the grill.

Marilyn returned in time to sit with me for a bit as the meat smoked away on the grill.

I added some Blues Hog BBQ Sauce when the pork was nearly finished and took it inside as Marilyn was removing the side dishes from the microwave,

As we sat enjoying our one meal for the day, we watched TV as the New Pope was revealed.

That is exciting for us as Catholic Christians celebrate all over the world.

Here in our part of Arizona, the weather is absolutely awesome, with an expected high today of 90 degrees, with single digit humidity.

The afternoon was simply too nice to work, so we sat together on the patio, reading from our Kindle readers.

What a fine way to spend a quiet afternoon!

It was made just a bit nicer when Betty and then Lee walked over to sit with us and visit.

We all sat in the shade with a cold drink. We talked and laughed together until our friends had to leave to attend another function.

I should have accomplished more today, but it was such a nice day that I didn’t want to waste it on work or chores which could wait until tomorrow.

Procrastination is wonderful! I may take that up as a hobby, but I’ll have to think about that for awhile, maybe.

Life is Good!

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