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A visit with (clockwise) Rod, Cindy, Loyce, Jim, Sandie and Ray...Juanita at...


We had previously set up a schedule to have lunch with most-of-the-time travelers Ray and Cindy sometime today but got an unexpected surprise when we arrived at Fuddruckers in Mesa.

We learned earlier today that we would be joined by old RV friend Rod, but were surprised when his wife Loyce joined us and more RV friends Sandie and her husband Jim arrived. We had to get a much larger table!

As always, it was a pleasure catching up on the activities of old friends and fun to spend time with unmet spouses. Most of the women were quilters and even Ray is very talented on a long arm quilting machine to my understanding. As Juanita's "fat quarter", I didn't feel terribly removed from the discussion of fabrics, patterns and quilting supply sources in the local area.

The wide ranging conversation was all quite common with such gatherings of travel friends. It is not a stretch to call everyone present good friends. We have seen some of these good folks previously and will most certainly see all of them again at one point or another.

So, thank you Ray!

Safe travels everyone.....................

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