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Hi everyone,

Trujillo is a spectacular country. The country is really quiet and there is not much going on there. I liked it that way because I could finally get some peace and quite. In the morning after breakfast the bus picked us up. The bus was dirty and did not look as nice as the other buses that we were on in the other countries. So I did not feel as special. We took a walk towards Plays Rosaline, a big awesome mountain. Then we took a climb up the hill towards Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is a cool mountain too. We took a lunch break a little early because some people where very tired. This course was the hardest and took three hours! Then we had to climb up to the Marinate. By that time I was just exasusted. Finally after that we walked about 20 minutes to a place where the bus picked us up. I might fall asleep while writing this so don't blame me if I do. I can not wait to go to our last place in Peru. See you then.

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