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Larry Weirs - he had prepared our canvases as the one shown...

Me and Larry Weirs

One-half the morning class


Lee working on his masterpiece

Larry showing us how to do clouds

My finished painting

Lee and his finished painting

Me and my masterpiece

Us with some of our classmates in the morning section

Since Lynn, our Activities Director and Art Teacher at Winter Ranch, doesn't care for scenery pictures, we never do any here. I REALLY wanted to learn how to do scenery because I'd like to try painting a scene that I have taken a gorgeous picture of once in awhile. So, I went on the internet and found a certified Bob Ross instructor who agreed to come to Winter Ranch to teach a class or two. After I got his prices, etc. I went to Lynn and talked her into offering the classes. Luckily, we filled two classes right off the bat.

Lee and I both took the morning class. We did a beach scene which I had wanted to do but I wasn't particularly enthused with his selection because it was a bit too colorful for my taste. However, we were still taught the techniques for doing clouds and waves which is what I needed to know how to do.

Larry Weirs, the certified instructor, came in early this morning and Lee and I helped him set up for the first class. We were given everything we needed to do the paintings. Everyone in the morning class was really excited to be there.

I think everyone's paintings came out pretty well for the first time trying new techniques and we certainly had fun. It is possible to finish an oil painting in three hours! Of course, all of us would have spent more on it had we had the time to perfect them a little more. I really enjoy mixing the oil paints a lot more than I like working with acrylics but it is a lot messier that is for sure. Plus, the paintings take days to dry!

We are going to have Larry back again next year. In fact, we may have him back twice!

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