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Hey guys,

Today we decided to fly to Cajamarca. Cajamarca is a sunny place and pretty much everyone is polite. Some places are super jam packed with people. Some other places are totally deserted. It is very interesting. Not as many people are here as there were in Lima. At 6:00 in the morning the bus picked us up. The bus driver said we were going to go to the village of Cachora. Cachora is a unique village. We stopped to observe the archeology. It is very ancient. Then at approximately 10 am we drove to Capuliyoc. Then we will took a 2 hour walk and had lunch. The walk was very tiring but the lunch was so good, that it made it all worth it. For lunch I had Guinea Pig. I know, it sounds really gross but it was actally pretty good. Ok it was so so. After that we drove back to our hotel. Cajamarac is a amazing country!

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