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Well I haven't quite reached my destination , but I am close. So, I arrived at the train station at 2 o'clock, all set for the 2.30 train. Alas, I waited and waited, then I waited a little bit more, before it finally arrived at 8.30, a full 6 hours late...welcome to West Africa! It was now starting to get pretty cold, and getting onto the passanger carriage was no easy feat, given that it was also pitch black, and there wasn't a single light on the train. I have been on some bad trains in my time, but this truly was awful, just hideous. I managed to find a seat, although it wasn't really a seat, but it would do me for the 12 hour trip as I hadn't fancied standing. It was freezing on the train as all the windows were open and couldn't be shut, hence I got bugger all sleep. The floor was filthy, but that didn't stop the two guys opposite me from getting down on it to pray. Everytime the train stopped it was as if it had crashed, and I always ended up on the laps of the afore mentioned gentlemen. When the train eventually arrived at 7.30 the next morning I ended up on the floor this time, next to something wet and rather unpleasant.

I still had to get to Atar, and that meant getting onto a "bush-taxi", which happened in this case to be a toyota pick-up. There were 18 of us crammed onto this , together with a hell of a lot of luggage, for the 3 and a half hour journey to Atar. Once here I still had another 2 hour trip to get to my Camel destination, but I decided I had had enough for one day, and so I have found a gorgeous place to stay for the day, and will head to my next town tomorrow morning.

Have just uploade some more pics.

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