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Saturday 2nd March 2013

Kumba to Bandjoun

Up at 6.30am for an 8am departure from the hotel. Packed our now dried clothes into our bags and went down to reception where they told us that there was only one breakfast available on our room rate (strange considering that there were two of us). So we sat and waited for our guide to come and head off. When he arrived, he didn’t accept that we shouldn’t accept no breakfast and while he took our bags to the bus station we sat out at a table outside and had an omelette, cup of coffee, baguette and fruit. We paid our bill from last night with all of the money we had (and had to borrow 600F from our guide) and then set off to the bus station in the taxi and waited for the bus to fill up. This time we had booked seats, so we waited from 9am until about 11am when they decided to leave. They then trawled around the town and the markets for more passengers and finally filled the bus to the satisfaction of the driver. We then set off on a dirt road, very potholed and fairly atrocious towards our destination – a hotel in a town called Bandjoun. We passed through many villages with extremely decrepit looking houses, picking up and dropping off passengers on the way. The journey was meant to take about 4 hours and having left at 11am, we arrived at the junction where we had to take a taxi to the hotel at around 5.15pm. After a number of attempts at getting a taxi because there were buses arriving at the junction all the time, we finally succeeded and together with a couple of other people headed off to the town at a rate of knots. Our taxi driver dropped off the original people except us and picked up other passengers and after a number of traffic jams in the town we finally arrived at the hotel at about 6.30pm. We were shown to our room and David went down to get some coke for the aperitif. Shortly afterwards before we went to dinner, a large storm struck and our room was flooded through the window which was unable to be shut due to the locks being painted open. After pointing out the flooding to the hotel staff, we were moved to the room next door, which only had a small amount of water on the floor. The staff mopped up the water and we moved our belongings into the new room. We then went to the restaurant and had a very nice dinner and then back to our room and bed. We have moved from the English speaking part of Cameroon to the French speaking part now. All the signs are now in French and all the people speak French, rather than English. Very odd….

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