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I have tried to add the town I am in at the moment, Dakhla, to the map, but it's so isolated that it can't be found by this website. It was certainly a long way down through miles and miles of desert, and have to say that I am pretty knackered now. It's going to be another early start tomorrow as I make my way finally to Mauritania, whereby I intend to spend the day at the second city, Nouadhibou, which is just a couple of hours across the border. No public transport goes there so I have arranged for a taxi to take me ( 35 euros for the 8 hour journey). Was pretty strange coming down knowing that you are hugging the Atlantic with miles of the Sahara desert to your left. I am thinking of doing the " Iron Ore" train, which at a length of 2-3 kilometres is about the longest in the world. Michael Palin did this, I think, on his show "Sahara". It's a brutal journey, but I don't have time to go into it at the moment since the connection here is really bad.

Will update properly on the trip down at a later date, but for now this is really just an update to say that I arrived. The train trip I am thinking of doing should take me deep into the Mauritanian Sahara, and I intend to visit some old caravan towns once I get there, plus rent a camel to take me out into the sand dunes. I am trying to add some more pics to flickr, but it's painfully slow , but keep your eyes peeled! There were 5 police stops on the way down here due to the fact that you cross through the Western Sahara which is still very much a disputed area between Morocco and Mauritania. I have to say that this is certainly part of Morocco that the tourists don't see, and it has a totally different atmosphere to the North of the country. Loads of Senegalese here, too. I would suggest you do a bit of research into the Iron Ore train trip, as the guide book does say that it is only for the truly hard core...that's me!

Okay, that's enough just now, as I think the connection will go any minute. Will try and do a quick update from Mauritania. Au Revoir!

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