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We passed by the Island of Montserrat in the early evening. The volcano had erupted twice a few years ago totally destroying the town of Plymouth which has now been rebuilt on the far side of the island. We could clearly see the pyroclastic flows and the half buried houses. The smell of sulphur dioxide was still very strong so much so that Alison had to take her inhaler. However it did not spoil our enjoyment of the delicious dinner which we then had in one of the “posh” restaurants. Back to earth with a bump shortly after – the dance competition. Practicing immediately before, we had been not bad at all, but in front of about 150 people and a live orchestra, our brains switched off and it was a disaaaaster darling. Still, the other 3 couples were little or no better and it was judged we all won. In this case no points meant prizes!

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