Andie Mini Trip 2012 travel blog

Pucon's black beach

"Stray" dogs of Pucon

Early morning view of Volcano Villarrica

Hiking in the Huerquehue National Park

Houseplants gone wild

Viewpoint #1

Tinquilco Lake

Viewpoint #2

Same lake

On the trail

Chico Lake


Lago Verde


Volcano Villaricca

Picture for Debra


I could stay here

Pucon is a real fun place for outdoor enthusiasts. It is situated by Lake Villaricca, surrounded by volcanoes and close to a number of National Forests.

We were really stoked to get there, but unfortunately had really bad weather at first. Rain came down in sheets for the first 2 days, we were not even able to see any of the surrounding mountains.

Since the weather predictions were pretty much the same for the surrounding areas and Pucon was a tourist town with lots of shops and restaurants , we decided we might manage to entertain ourselves and wait it out.

After 2 days the weather cleared up and we had spectacular views. An enthusiastic plan of climbing the volcano was replaced with a more realistic itinerary of hiking in the Huequehue National Forest to 3 or 4 spectacular lakes. We decided on a route that took us from 750 mtrs to 1310 mtrs and back in 5 hours, so we got in our exercise for the day.

The following day we went on an excursion where we discovered a German restaurant that we absolutely had to try out. One of the delicacies on their menu was boar (wild pig). They did not offer any guinea pigs which seems to be an absolute must try in these neck of the woods. Maybe next time.

Pucon also had a German restaurant that we had to support, had to have some Fleischkaes and some German potatoe salad (not what we were used to, but absolutely delicious), a recipe apparently from a German Grandma from Rostock. Owners spent the last 20 years in the Caribic (you definitely meet all kinds of people when traveling).

We didn't have the opportunity to travel any further South but had to head back to Santiago for our flight out the following day.

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