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We took the train to an open air mall called Fashion Valley to look for wedding shoes. My feet measure 7 EE. They are almost square on the verge of orthopedic. Shoe shopping has brought a variety of comments over the years. Is Cinderella your sister? Maybe you should wear the boxes. We don't stock webbing. Have you thought about clogs. When I do find a good fit they are always an odd color like rusty orange, sea foam green, or purple.

I have black dress shoes that give me blisters. Would purple look that bad?

My husband found and bought a pair of Bose ear phones for his IPOD. I listen to the TV with the volume on 12 he listens at about 29. Mom says she has to read lips when I have it on. He claims they make the music so clear the individual instruments stand out. I can hear the music from his IPOD when he's wearing them too. What can I say, our marriage has volume.

Today's station story. We were waiting for the train when 3 retired couples get out of a truck that has been parked so close to ours they have to fold the mirrors in. They proceed to buy 6 tickets from the machine with various forms of payment while arguing about where they are going. One of the men mentions that it would be cheaper to buy a senior pass than to pay for an individual ticket every day. One of the women screams she does not qualify for a senior card and she does not want to spend her time here in the Metro Transit prison for age fraud. This makes them laugh and someone says there is not a metal cage at every station for metro violations. She states that traveling with him is like having a vile comedian along. The train comes and we board while they stay on the platform arguing.

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