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Who needs a jack? Just pick it up to change a tire.

Cindy's new sports car :)





Cheers! Beach bar

February 23.

Today started off right with a great cup of coffee. No instant. No milk. Nice, rich, strong perked coffee. I even got a refill. Life is good.

The tuk tuks here are motorcycles with a buggy thing attached so no pedalling inolved. Our driver was ready to go at the appointed hour so we hopped in, stopped at his house for beach umbrellas and headed to Machililia National Park and the Los Fraises beach. It's certainly not a comfortable ride but it's interesting. At the park gate we signed in and faked a passport number as since we got new ones I can't remember the numbers. Poor Johnny couldn't start his engine so Mike got out to help push and bum start it. Johnny was embarrassed and Mike just shrugged. No problema.

Susan, Cindy, Mike and I walked the beach, climbed on some rocks, swam for a while then set up the beach umbrellas and parked ourselves. We're on vacation today. I lasted about ½ hour and then set off to explore some more. I found a path that led up to a look out and took some photos of the gorgeous views and found another beach. Nobody seemed that interested in moving so we just sat and read and jumped in the ocean when we got hot.

Our tuk tuk drivers were there when we went to meet them but were busy helping another guy change a tire so we got a nice cool “ice lolly” and looked around the vendors stalls till they were done.

Back in town, we cooled off again in the luke warm pool then found some sea food for lunch. Puerto Lopez is a fishing town so it's the thing to eat. I'm in heaven. Mike's learning. :)

The 4of us put all our laundry in one bag and dropped it off as here they do it by the bag and none of us had much. In this heat, you get smelly quickly. A wander around town and siesta for some. I got some palosanto lotion as it claims to cure psoriasis. Sure. I'll try anything.

I went online and eventually got to skype with the grand kids. Chloe has grown so much!

Dinner was more seafood. Yum. Pretty much everyone is sunburnt somewhere. Gotta love that equatorial sun!

February 24

I had waffles today. I never eat waffles. They were good and the coffee was awesome. Another two cupper. Life is good. More vacation time. Again we took tuk tuks to the national park. I don't know why. A taxi or air conditioned truck would be much more comfortable and not much more expensive. It just seems the thing to do and perhaps gives someone who needs it more, a job to do.

The ladies parked themselves and I took off with Giovanny, Mike and Larry/Lorenzo to check out the other beaches. An hour or so of hiking took us to Tortuguita beach and two others, all different, all beautiful and with nobody else on them. With the rocks and undertow they're not fit for swimming so we headed back to the Los Fraises and met up with Cindy and Susan I did some snorkelling, saw a spotted sting ray and few fish but no one else wanted to.

Another bone jiggling ride back to town and we decided a hamburger was in order. Larry/Lorenzo decided cerveca for lunch was fine. The rest of the day was spent hanging by the pool, reading, napping and doing nothing. That's what other people do on vacation isn't it?

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