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Betty & Lee

Today was Mardi Gras day here at the resort.

Before the festivities began, Marilyn & I took the bicycles out for a ride, then returned and went for a walk of over a mile and ¼.

We ate a bite of lunch to gain some energy for the fun.

The music began with a live band playing New Orleans style jazz on the back side of the clubhouse, where the pool is located.

After an hour of music, the parade began at 3:00 pm. Golf Carts, Bikes, Trucks, etc, all decorated for Mardi Gras.

The weather was grand so it was perfect for a group to gather at the end of our street (Alaska), to watch the parade which passed by on Iowa then left on South Dakota.

Marilyn & I carried our lawn chairs to the end of the street, sat with Pam, and waited for the parade to begin.

Marilyn took a few pictures and I’ll share a couple of them with you good folks.

Candy and some beads were thrown from the parade vehicles and we gathered some of that. Marilyn now sports a pretty, green, bead necklace.

Once the parade ended, we walked back home with Lee & Betty, then joined them at their place to watch some basketball on their outdoor TV.

Pam walked down to join us and we had a nice time visiting and laughing together.

Now, as I write this journal entry, it is time for dinner and then we’ll settle down for the evening to watch some TV.

So it wasn’t the most exciting day, but we have a few things ahead, including a couple of spring training games and getting together with our non-RV friends.

Life is Good!

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