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While Dad Plows Snow

The Kids Play

Wa Hoo!

Our good weather is back! After a couple days of cool, wet weather, the sky is blue with only scattered clouds, the sun is shining brightly, the temperature is warm enough to be outdoors without a jacket, and we are happy again.

We have been spoiled, there is no doubt about it.

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas the weather is warm nearly all the time. In Florida they have had a nice winter most of this year.

We began our winter in Arizona with six weeks of absolutely awesome weather, but it has been cooler than normal since that time. Such is life!

I removed the empty propane bottle and took it to be filled this morning. I stopped for a haircut and to mail a check to the power company, along the way.

While I was getting a haircut my cell phone rang but I didn’t answer it until I was on the way back to the resort.

When I returned the call it was a company in Wichita, Kansas, asking if I would consider a flying job. I didn’t even pause long enough to get the name or any info, simply replying “No!”

I’m retired but thank you very much.

Back at the RV, I installed the full bottle of propane and then headed off with Marilyn to Walmart, to pick up my prescription and then on to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for Marilyn’s cross-stitching project.

Jennifer sent some pictures from Missouri, showing Steve clearing a path in the drive, with the tractor, and pictures of the grandkids playing in the snow. We loved the pictures but the snow and cold weather is something we have no desire to see again. Ever! LOL

Marilyn & I fixed some Jambalaya from a recipe given to us by our friend, Betty.

Marilyn cooked some rice for the Jambalaya and that will be our dinner today.

Pam stopped by and we talked about going out for lunch or something before they leave next week. They are heading toward Llano Grande in Mercedes, Texas, where they will see many of our mutual friends.

Although we do like it here in Arizona, we must admit that we look forward to our return to Llano Grande next winter.

Now to a more serious subject. We heard late this afternoon, that a longtime friend lost his battle with cancer. We sometimes wish that we lived closer to our former home in Missouri and one reason is so we could be near at times like this.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Howard, Mary Jo and the entire family. Rest in Peace my Friend!

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