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We all hopped into our local taxi vehicle today, which seemed much less crowded with only 6 of us in the car, and headed over to Varadero. This is advertised as the best beach in Cuba, and we were duly delivered to a lovely, sandy, white beach overlooking the beautiful variegated blue waters of the Atlantic. The water was refreshing, the sand inviting. Barb M managed to charm her way into allowing us to stay on some very comfy chaise lounges under the shade of some palm trees at a rather swank hotel, and their beachside barman kept us plied with food and beverages. A day at a lovely beach relaxing, food and beverages, all for $16; for all 5 of us! Is this the good life or what? We were brought swiftly back to reality when we later went on a search for internet access; several fruitless stops, locating places where internet access was possible, but either down for the day, or faced with long waits for open computers, we returned to our casa particulare for more lounging, reading, and walks along the shore. Perhaps we will have better Internet luck tomorrow. Barbara G

The beach at Varadero was beautiful, the all-inclusive beaches covered with tanned bodies. We drove through a swanky golf course to arrive at the humongous resort hotels. We entered through the side entrance all roped off and strolled our way to the palapas. It was funny to feel so out of place because we didn’t have the colored bracelet proclaiming that we belonged. After we were settled one woman was giving us the stink eye. We were sure that she would soon stand and yell “outsiders, infidels” and we would be removed. (Sorry, I’ve been reading about the crusades).

The water was warm. Back at our Casa we are developing a relationship with Idalmes and Aresky. We have shared pictures of our kids and lives and go back and forth defining words in both languages. BarbM

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