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How, might you ask, can you lose the TV remote in a RV bedroom? Could any space be smaller? I didn't know the answer to that question until Jo and I spent almost 30 minutes searching for it last night. The last I saw of it was in the morning when I threw it on the bed after showering and getting dressed. Jo says she never saw it.

We ended up stripping the bed and searching absolutely ever nook and cranny with a flashlight, twice!. We even looked in all the drawers and cabinets. At 12:30 I gave up and went to bed to read, Jo on the other hand, I think due to a nagging guilty feeling, kept looking, going over the same territory once again.

Why she eventually opened the door to the washer / dryer I'll never know, how could it get in there?. But there it was sitting nestled in the extra towels we keep on top of the washing machine when it's not in use. She swears she never saw it or touched it, even though she was the one who did the wash today and put away the towels. Go figure. :)

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