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The ship docked off shore at Icoracy (Belem) and we were tendered in. One hours drive to Belem city(founded in 1616 by the Portuguese). We had decided to take a boat tour up the Amazon and have a guided walk through the rain forest. From the boat we could see the modern skyscrapers of Belem as we sailed up the Amazon to a complete contrast of the small fairly primitive settlements beside the river. We docked at a small village, walked past the tiny church and the school (like no church or school we have ever experienced ) and into the rainforest. We saw all sorts of interesting trees and plants, watched Brazil nuts straight off the tree being prepared, saw termite hills and learned of various herbal remedies using the plants. A seventy odd year old man scaled a tree at the speed of light (hope for us yet) and Alison was brave enough to photograph a Tarantula. On the way back down the Amazon we watched the children, free from school, using the river as their playground.

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