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Yesterday, after I had posted the blog, Lee walked over to ask if I wanted to go up to the Clubhouse to shoot pool. Sure!

We played pool for a couple of hours and I must admit that, for most of that time, Lee gave me some lessons. I did manage to win a couple of times but it was fun all the time.

We walked home in a light mist rather than a rain.

Marilyn & I nearly finished off the Ham & Beans for dinner, watched Survivor on TV and relaxed with our books.

This morning we opened the blinds to reveal the clouds which were beginning to break up. Bright sunshine returned to the area, making this a more normal day for this part of Arizona.

We took off to make a Walmart run, intending to pick up a prescription, but ended up returning home with a trunk filled with groceries. Oh yes, the prescription wasn’t ready so we’ll go back in a day or so.

Marilyn & I spent most of the afternoon with our books, all snug and cozy in our recliners. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

We feel for our family & friends back in the Midwest because they are getting hammered with a snow storm today. We just hope they all continue to be safe and warm.

We had the TV on but weren’t really watching anything, but I noticed when a show came on about the Azores, Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, part of Portugal. I perked up and paid attention because that was one of the first deployments I had back in my Air Force days. We spent four months or more at Lajes Air Force Base where the mission was to refuel the B-47 Bombers crossing the ocean to Europe.

While stationed there I was able to visit Spain, Morocco, and England, as well as Newfoundland, which was a stop en-route.

It was fun to be reminded of those days because I rarely think of that time, it was so long ago.

One of the tough parts of writing a daily blog is having something to write about, so it is nice to have an unexpected memory pop up, and present me with a subject to write about.

Life is Good!

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