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On the last day of their big visit my mom wanted fish tacos. She wanted ones like they had in Mexico with fish grilled on an open fire, broken up in a soft taco with fresh tomato , lettuce, cilantro , and green onion. What she ended up with is grilled shrimp and lettuce in a soft taco shell at RED Lobster. Mine at least had the tomatoes and onion with jalapeƱo pepper ranch dressing. I guess because she wanted regular ranch dressing on the side she wasn't entitled to any taste at all.

We parked and to kill time went in Barnes & Noble where I could die a happy women. Mom, Herb, and Dick all got a book or magazines. I am trying hard to limit my reading to campground leave one, take one books or my kindle. Otherwise we end up traveling with a hundred pounds of reading material.

Off to the movies where we saw ARGO. The only movie showing I thought my mom would enjoy sitting through since the last time she'd went to a movie she saw "The Sound of Music." A very well done plot based true event that took place in 1979 so every thing was retro. Dial phones, long hair, and everyone smoked everywhere.

My mom and brother are on a plane heading back to the frozen north this morning. It's another rainy cold day here which is just as well because I have put off my domestic duties longer than I should have. I will miss them!

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