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Snow is rare in this particular spot in Arizona. Up north around Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, snow is much more common. So, imagine our surprise when we noticed snow falling, big fat flakes, mixed with the rain. It was so cloudy outdoors that we couldn’t see the Superstition Mountain, so later, when I went out to dump the holding tanks, what a surprise!

The rain had stopped, the clouds raised and Behold, What a wondrous sight! Superstition Mountain covered in snow!

The same mountain we posted pictures of yesterday.

Marilyn snapped a few pictures today, just to show you the difference from yesterday.


Sometimes I really enjoy a cool, rainy day. You know, one of those days when it just seems too nasty to get outdoors.

Today, with the unexpected snowfall, we are experiencing one of those days, here in “Sunny” Arizona.

Here is how we spent the day.

First, we slept in until 8:30. That is almost unheard of for us, but it happened today. I woke early, several times in fact, but the warm comfort of the bed and the lack of any incentive to get up, coupled with the sound of rain on the roof and the wind flapping the awnings covering the slide outs, encouraged us to simply roll over and go back to sleep.

Later, after getting up, we sat together with the fireplace on, a cup of fresh brewed coffee in hand, and the computer on my lap.

I read the blogs and messages to Marilyn. She then sat with her Kindle, playing in Facebook.

She had Ham & Beans planned, with fresh baked cornbread muffins, for a late lunch.

That is one of my favorite meals and always triggers childhood memories because my Mom fixed that often.

Family get-togethers always included at least one meal of Ham & Beans, with cornbread, cottage cheese, sliced sweet onions, and iced tea. Yummy! My mouth is watering already!

I was thinking about the fact that so much of the RV lifestyle is centered on being outdoors. Living in a small space is fine for us simply because we spend so much time outdoors, which expands that living space immensely.

These RV Resorts have all sorts of outdoor activities, like the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, shuffleboard courts, pickle ball, and lots more stuff for outdoor fun, but also have a myriad of indoor stuff like a billiard room, library, craft rooms galore, exercise and work out rooms, and empty rooms available for small groups to gather to play cards, dominos or other board games. No matter what the weather, there are always activities available if you wish to take advantage of the opportunity.

As for us, we are enjoying the chance to sit quietly with the fireplace, soft music, good comfort food, a good read on our Kindles, and no agenda. Who says that RV fun stops when the weather gets bad? No Sir!

When you live the RV life, you can be sure that Life is Good!

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