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One of the major parts of the RV lifestyle is “Food”.

Mexican food, Cajun food, Seafood, etc, depending on where the RV folks happen to be, or what part of the country they are in.

RV folks are always talking about eating. That’s just a fact of life.

That fact poked the finger of reality in my eye when the scales showed that I had reached 199 pounds. Yikes!

That is the heaviest I have ever been.

Time to do something.

I chose to avoid breads, pastas, etc, which is somewhat like the “Gluten Free” diet. Now I am not suffering from Celiac illness, as some unfortunate folks certainly do, and I have a choice as to what I eat.

Bottom line is that I chose to avoid certain foods and as a result I now have lost seven pounds, feel better, have more energy, and have less back pain. My first goal is to get my weight below 190. Then I will go for 180.

So, for now, I will continue to be aware of what I eat, and watch the results, no matter how slowly the weight changes.

I don’t know why I even chose to write about this because probably no one really cares.

Marilyn & I went for a walk this morning, enjoying the wonderful Arizona climate on a beautiful day.

We walked a bit over three miles, pausing to take a few pictures, which I will share with you folks.

After a bit of lunch we relaxed for most of the afternoon. Marilyn sat outdoors in her lounge chair, reading from her Kindle, while I gathered tax info, getting ready to file our federal return next month. That is always a bummer but even more so when we are on a fixed income. Hopefully I won’t get hit too hard.

It won’t be long before we begin getting things ready for the road again.

We would like to remain here until May but that would sure cut our time with the kids and grandkids, very short. It is a balancing act for sure, between time with loved ones and time on the road.

I must admit that Marilyn & I are enjoying our down time. Just being quiet, doing whatever we wish, with no agenda at all.

Yep, for sure, Life is Good!

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