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I am sitting out on our porch a little after 7 in the morning. Our wonderful hostess, Mallan just brought me cup of strong coffee. Living in a village we have adapted to the rhythms of the people here. By 7 am or so we hear the sounds of the town waking up - roosters, dogs, music, little children getting ready for school, people calling out to each other. At night it is pretty quiet. None of us are party people so after dinner we read, write & choose pictures for this blog and play cribbage. Peggy

Well, it is now 12 hours later and I am sitting on the same porch at 7 in the evening, reflecting on our wonderful day in Trinidad.Mallan’s friend Fernando took us to a wonderful snorkeling beach this morning and we had lots of sun, blue water, white sand, coral and pretty fish. I also got quite a swim.

One would think that after my experience on Norman Island(snorkeling in the BVI) I would learn to swim with a partner. But no. After having a great time in the water, I didn’t see my friends and decided to swim for shore, unfortunately by then I was swimming in another bay, totally away from where we hadentered the water. I met a very nice man from Canada and a wonderful Cuban lifeguard both of whom directed me to the correct bay where Rick and the group were now starting to wonder where I was. Nice to know I can still swim distances (thanks Dad) Nik, do not share this with Mom. Anyway, Thanks to my little adventure, we met this nice Canadian man whose brother used to teach sailing at Jewel Lake. Small world-love it! Then we spent the afternoon sight seeing in the lovely old colonial city of Trinidad.

Up at 6 tomorrow and on to Vinales. JanQ

Enjoyed the snorkeling this morning, although getting in and out of the water was a bit problematical. Lots of pointy rocks and surf were in evidence, giving one pause. An extremely helpful gentleman (probably named Fernando) gave us expert insight on where and how to accomplish the goal of entering the water without providing enticing bits of shredded flesh for the larger reef inhabitants.

Off to Trinidad in the afternoon, which was a bit of a disappointment. The UNESCO area had some lovely old cobbled streets, and the colorful houses were very tropical, but also a great deal of tourist claptrap in evidence and there were many, many people insistently offering to help us find the best restaurant, place to stay, thing to buy, charity to donate to, etc., etc., etc. It was discouraging, but we managed to enjoy ourselves nonetheless.

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