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Miriam and Donna at our Table

Lee and Al at our table

Some of the crowd at the dance

Culletson's - his glasses blink and he is like a beacon on...

Char and Jack Leach

Shirley and Ralph Ress

Kathy and Scott Maynard


Pat Sullivan, our line dancing instructor and her husband

Betsy Oestricher and Merv Printy

Line Dancing

JD and Lynn Murray getting cozy

More Line Dancing

Richard and Marsha Bender selling 50/50 tickets

A sea of red tonight

Lee and I and Gerald and Janet Handlos handing out door prizes

We're having all the people married over 50 years stand up

Then we awarded them prizes and had them lead the next dance

Richard and Donna

Al & Miriam

Our Band - Jealous Heart

We had this taken at our Photo Booth for the event

We are the Dance Coordinators for our dances at Winter Ranch. We have been helping our Activity Director, JD Murray, get them organized and trying to build up their popularity. So far, things are going better. We've signed on several Dance Lead couples that take turns being the Leads at the Dances. We've written and rewritten procedures so that we all know what to do and things are finally going pretty well. Tonight we were the leads and, it is "do as I say, not as I do kind of thing" as we were one-half hour late and everyone was panicking by the time we got there. We were supposed to arrive at 5:30 and everyone else was there but us. We finally got everything we needed to do, done but it sure made for a hectic start. Won't do that again!!

The dance started at 7 PM and I started taking pictures before the event and kept it up throughout the night. I made a nice blog page for the event on our Winter Ranch Blog - I had a lot of couples kiss and hug for the camera. That was fun in itself - many of the guys were blushing big time by the time I got a good picture.

We also had the people married over 50 years stand up and we gave each of them a small candy case with candy hearts in it. The three that were married the longest got another larger memento from us and they lead out the first dance after the break. Two of the couples that won were from Winter Rance and the third couple used to live here years ago and they come back to visit now and then. The longest marriages were 62, 61 and 59 years!

Jealous Heart was the band for the evening and they did a great job of mixing up the music so that those who liked rock and roll got some of that and those that liked to line dance got some of that and then, of course, they played country because they are a country band.

Even though we had to work, it was a really fun night!

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