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We worked with the internet problem for a long time (several Hours) last night, talking to Mediacom on the phone, following their directions. No Help!

They finally gave up too and scheduled a Tech for a Service Call next Wednesday afternoon.

Today they called and said they had an opening if I wanted them to come by today. Sure!!!

They replaced the Modem and then still had problems, placing a call to a particular service Tech somewhere for some help.

Soon we were in business! All is well now!

No charge to us, which is even better.

Marilyn & I took a nice walk this morning. We stopped at Henry & Pam’s for a moment because today is Pam’s birthday and it is also their wedding anniversary!

Marilyn & I pretty much enjoyed the rest of the day.

Marilyn did several loads of laundry and I grilled pork steak for lunch.

Once the Mediacom guy left, I took a shower and dressed in shorts and a knit shirt, for comfort.

All the windows are open and we have the exhaust fan on to draw fresh air from outdoors. It is another awesome day and we love it!

Marilyn & I sat together, enjoying the wonderful weather and the company, sipping a cold drink. We had our own private happy hour today. LOL

Now she is relaxed, reading from her Kindle, while I try to write a blog for today.

We talked to Bob & Janet and they arrived safe and sound at Jojoba Hills in California. Jesse & Ginger, Bob & Lynda, and Chuck & Kathy are all there so I’m sure they will be having a good time.

Trent & Teresa have moved into the site vacated by Bob & Janet in Yuma, so all is well there. We haven’t heard from them today but assume these wonderful friends are well and happy.

We spoke to Steve & Cathy who are back in Missouri enjoying somewhat cooler weather. What’s that about 20 degrees, Steve?


The Amazing Race begins a new season tonight so we will tune in to that for sure.

We may get out and about tomorrow. Have to wait and see what pops up on the radar.

We sure have enjoyed the past couple of days with no activity to speak of and just spending time together.

Life is Good!

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