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Guard Tower, Built atop the Water tank to help prevent evaporation

The Sally Port where inmates were checked in

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Our Treasures, Janet, Marilyn, and Teresa

Trent, Ed, and Bob, the Three Amigos

We enjoyed another great day today. It was Valentine’s Day so it was a special time for lovers to think of one another.

Marilyn & I consider ourselves lovers as well as spouses.

OK, I’ll go no farther with that.

Today was also our friend Bob’s birthday and we celebrated that with our friends.

We drove over to Bob & Janet’s place, which is quite nice.

We sat outdoors in the sunshine, waiting for Trent & Teresa.

When these friends arrived, the ladies all left together, riding with Teresa, while Bob and Trent climbed into our car to ride with me.

The ladies were off to enjoy a day of shopping while us guys went to Prison. Well, at least we went off to visit the Yuma Territorial Prison, which is now a museum and tourist attraction.

Bob had been there before so he gave us some info as we went along. He was a pretty good tour guide for us and we enjoyed the day.

I had taken Marilyn’s camera so the pictures today were taken by me and may not be of the same quality as when Marilyn takes them.

Around 1:00 we left to join the ladies at a Mexican restaurant Bob knew about.

We arrived before the ladies and by the time they arrived we were already enjoying a margarita with chips and salsa.

We all enjoyed a fine meal, along with the conversation and laughter. It was a good time for sure!

We agreed to meet over at Bob & Janet’s place for an afternoon happy hour, so Bob & Janet rode with Marilyn & I, while Trent & Teresa stopped by their place before joining us.

There was more delicious food at Bob & Janet’s as they shared some delicious treats they had just received for Bob’s Birthday, a gift from their daughters.

As the sun began to set we exchanged big hugs as we all knew it would be awhile before we saw one another again.

We will head back to the Phoenix area while our friends head off to California and then to other parts of the country.

We will certainly miss them!

Jennifer called us as we were driving back to our Motel. To wish us a Happy Valentines Day.

When we arrived back at the Motel I discovered that I had left my jacket at Bob & Janet’s, so we will drive by there tomorrow morning on our way out of town.

We hope to be back in our own RV around noon tomorrow.

We have surely enjoyed our time with these good friends, we now sport new eyeglasses, and our time here in the west is growing shorter, so we have accomplished all that was on our list.

Now it is time to focus on things we need to do before we leave for Missouri at the end of March.

This is a wonderful life we live and we feel blessed.

Life is Good!

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