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Beer and fish on the beach after snorkeling at Ancon Beach

Fernando with the "Torpedo"

Jan and Barbara in the warm water

Happy under the palapa at Ancon

White sand and warm water

Barb can now pull a beer with little foam

La Playa Ancon – white sandy beach, thatched beach umbrellas, water just cool enough to be refreshing, a tropical breeze fluttering – it all came together today for a wonderfully lazy relaxing time. We even arrived at the beach in style in a 1950 Chevrolet Torpedo in a lovely mint green color. The car was green, not the passengers. Later we stopped at a wonderfully local bar on the beach for 50 cent beers an wonderfully fresh fish and chicken plates, accompanied by crispy fried banana slices which were I kid you not better than french fries! The taxi driver, the beach beer cabana owner and our elusive host here at the casa particulare are all somehow named Fernando, which seems odd. Barbara G.

So many Fernandos, yet each serves his purpose. Beer Fernando taught me to serve beer from his taps with only a topping of foam. As Barb mentioned he served fish and chicken that was so tasty. We had been swimming and snorkeling at Ancon so were parched and hungry. So far, the snorkeling has not been successful. Tomorrow morning driver Fernando is taking us to a beach that he says we will like for snorkeling. Can’t wait. We are laying about after a day of sun and surf, each with their kindle or tablet reading. What must the people walking by think? We have unbelievable riches. Barb M

I am totally fried by the sun, the color of lobster, but since I seem to do that over and over again without learning, I will try to be stoic. The others are describing our days well. We see lots of examples of small business enterprise. There is no advertising and often no signs but guest houses and small restaurants are proliferating. There are lots of Europeans here. We hear there are lots of Canadians but they are keeping pretty well out of sight. We have read they are most in the all-inclusive resorts.

Political slogans are commonplace. There is also a surprising amount of graffiti but I have seen nothing that I could interpret as political. I saw a book at a bus stop. The title, in Spanish, was something about the election of Obama so I picked it up and read the back cover (kind of, because my Spanish isn’t that good.) It said that the election of Obama might seem like a contradiction to the racism in America, but Fidel could explain it. Maybe I will see it again and read another paragraph. Peggy

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