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Here we are

Coatimundi - a racoon that didn't make it out of the shallow...

Dos Hermanas falls - just a sample

Iguazu Falls - a portion

Part of the main falls



What a rainbow!

The Disney train

The ADA-compliant walkways...

Today we crossed off another “bucket list” item. We went to Iguazú/Iguaçu Falls. Notice that I used both the Spanish and the Portuguese spellings. For the rest of this post, I will be using the Spanish spelling since we were in Argentina the entire time; however, we had some good views of Brazil during our trip.

It was another very early morning. We began with a 7:30 AM trip to the airport, followed by a 1 ½ hour flight from BA to Puerto Iguazú. A short bus ride from the airport to the Parque Nacional de Cataratas de Iguazú and there we were. By this time, it was almost noon, so we had a very nice buffet lunch, including genuine Argentinean parallia (roast meat). You name it, they had it: chicken; beef; pork; sausage; three kinds of salsa and chimichurri, vegetables; desserts; drinks.

Good thing the next four hours were spent walking!. We started by going to the upper falls trail. This takes you right out into the middle of the almost two kilometer (about 1 ¼ miles) falls area. Iquazú is not the highest, biggest (in terms of gallons per minute), but is definitely the largest in the world in terms of length of falls. Remember it spans two countries. Actually, Iguazú is located at the confluence of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Although there are no falls in Paraguay, their land lies only a few hundred yards downstream of the falls themselves.

I want to mention that to get from the visitors’ center and restaurant we had to take a narrow gage railway for about a mile and a half. It was right out of Disney…

Did I mention that it was gloomy and overcast with sounds of thunder in the distance? We were just beginning our journey when it started to drizzle and by the time we got about halfway (it was about a mile walk), it was a full-blown rain. I have posted a few pix above to show how magnificent the falls are, and I believe you can see that it is also raining. Actually, we were thankful for the rain because if it had not rained (as the afternoon turned out), it would have been in the low 90’s with about 90% humidity. As it was, the rain cooled everything off for the entire day. The only issue we had was that with all the rain, thunder and lightning, we were walking along a steel walkway with a mesh grating. I tried to rationalize that even if lightning hit, as long as we were not touching anything besides the grating, we were OK. Hey, whatever gets you there…

After our walk to see the upper falls, we went to another steel grating “pathway” to see a close-up. By this time, it had stopped raining and we had great (hot, but great) weather for the rest of the day.

Finally, those of us not too pooped by this time took the lower trail to get a view of some of the falls we had been looking at from above.

After returning to the visitors’ center, we returned to the airport for the return flight and back on the ship. We didn’t get back until about 10:30 that evening. Exhausting but exhilarating. I think I might have said that about Machu Picchu as well, but true in both cases.

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