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Hi my name is Siobhon's i am Adrianne's cousin. I am 10 years old turning eleven. She gave lightning to me because I am now living in Mexico Playa del carmen. These pictures are of lightnings big adventure.

His adventure started in the jungle. Where he met a tiger they both fight ed for this beautiful horse. Lightning lost an eye but got it replaced, you should see the other guy. The second day of his adventure was amazing Lightning found this man wearing a giant hat he was even allowed to ride in it. Then he went out with his friend wearing a big hat called a sombrero to eat. For lunch he had a giant plate of tequitos. Then when he came home he was so tired so, we had to wait to go to the beach until the next day. When we went to the beach he could not believe all the water there was. He wondered where it all came from. I told him that oceans have been around for a very long time almost as long as earth itself and there are two possible answers to his question. One idea is that oceans were formed by comets. A comet is a body made of rock and ice. It orbits the earth. Sometimes they run into the earth. When this happens, water is released. Scientists think that over time, all these collisions filled the oceans. Another idea is that ocean water came from deep inside the earth. It was brought to the surface when volcanoes erupted. Scientists think soon after the earth was formed, there was a long period of massive volcanic eruptions. When we went to the park we had a competition to see who could swing the highest and who could go upside down the longest he won but,when i gave up his face was almost all blue.

Lightning and I had a great time.

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