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Another cool day here. This time with some light rain in between the times when brilliant sunshine lit up the world for us.

I seem to live in my own world much of the time.

This does sometimes cause me to have a problem which is entirely of my own making.

Example: A day or so ago, I had the propane tank filled and when I put it back in place, I left the valve in the closed position, planning to allow the spare tank to run dry and then have it filled, so that I would basically have then, two full bottles.

This morning I turned the furnace on, deciding to allow it to run one cycle to warm the RV and then turn the furnace back to the OFF position.

The problem came when the furnace ran for a minute or two and shut down. We were out of propane in that spare bottle!

My plan worked! Just a bit sooner than I expected!

We don’t really need to use propane because we will be in Yuma for a couple of days, then I’ll fill that bottle after we return.

Marilyn did her monthly weigh-in today, and was pleased to learn that she had lost nearly a pound since the last weigh-in.

I am proud of her.

After the weigh-in we drove to the “Red Sage” restaurant in Gold Canyon, for a late lunch. We ate sensibly and then drove home in the bright sunshine.

I went to the mail room and picked up our monthly mail delivery. Now I have most, if not all, of our tax info and will be able to file our Federal return.

Having South Dakota as a residence means we do not have a State income tax return to file.

Marilyn showered and colored her hair, then retrieved our passports and we began getting things together for our road trip tomorrow morning.

We had new neighbors arrive today. They are from northwest Iowa and today is the guy’s first day of retirement. They are also new at the RV thing and left Iowa to escape the weather. They have been on the road for about a week and just arrived. Exciting for these folks.

They mentioned that they have to move again, in three days. They will be in another site here, while a new neighbor parks beside us for a spell.

Oh, I meant to mention that the sky was absolutely awesome this morning. The sunrise lit up the sky in a bright reddish orange color.

With the palm trees silhouetted against the brilliant colored sky, it was a beautiful sight.

Marilyn dashed outdoors to take a picture and I’ll share that with you dear readers.

So that is it for today. I’ll write from Yuma tomorrow evening if all goes well. Life is Good!

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