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Marilyn & I walked three miles this morning. As we walked, we were talking about how much we like Arizona, but also how much we enjoy spending the winter in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Marilyn suggested we do a comparison and chart it out, listing different qualities we enjoy and checking either Phoenix, Arizona or Rio Grande Valley in Texas as the best in that particular item.

Basically it boils down to a few things we like better about each of these winter locations.

The RGV in Texas wins in the quality of the RV resort, having Mexico nearby for visits several times each week, and the beach, ocean and seafood handy at South Padre Island.

The Phoenix area wins for weather, with low humidity, sunshine, light breezes, and overall comfort. It also wins because of an almost total lack of insects. The scenery here in Arizona wins with the mountains which surround the resort we are in, not to mention the Grand Canyon and other wonderful places to visit.

Both locations have easy access to shopping and good restaurants.

Arizona wins on awesome highways in excellent condition, and quick access to different parts of the area. It is also much cleaner with very little litter anywhere around.

The RGV also has the well maintained Expressway 83 which makes it easy to go east and west across the valley.

We wish we could take the best of each and put them together. That would be a heaven for RV folks.

We had heard that the people in Arizona were not as friendly toward the “snowbirds” as Texas is to the “Winter Texans”.

I think the names used to describe the RV folks who spend their winter in these areas speaks for itself.

We have seen and loved the signs in Texas which greet us with “Welcome Home Winter Texans”, but you certainly never see any signs here welcoming the “Snowbirds”, no matter how much money they add to the local economy.

If someone were to build an RV resort similar in design to the North section of Llano Grande, which is in Mercedes, Texas, here in the Gold Canyon area, with the Superstition Mountains for a backdrop, this would be a paradise.

So that is enough on this subject for one day. Besides I wrote about a comparison between these two areas shortly after we arrived in Gold Canyon.

So there you have it for today.

We have lots of adventures coming up, so stay with us and check back.

Remember dear readers, Life is Good!

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