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The Cake

Trent & Teresa

Teresa (It's Her Birthday)


Henry and Teresa


Teresa and Lee

We relaxed over morning coffee, planning our trip back to Missouri after we leave here on March 31st.

We cleaned and straightened the RV inside then took our showers and dressed for the day.

Today was the day for a birthday celebration for our friends, Teresa and for Henry.

The plan was to meet here at 11:30 and then drive to Red Lobster for lunch.

We had to wait a few minutes for a table large enough for the eight of us. Then Trent & Teresa, Henry & Pam, Lee & Betty, and Marilyn & I, were seated at a large table where we had great service, and enjoyed a fine meal of delicious seafood.

We lingered long after the meal, enjoying the conversation and laughter. Everyone had a good time.

The fun didn’t end when we left the restaurant, because we all gathered again, this time at Henry & Pam’s roomy RV.

I won’t say how it happened but there was a birthday cake involved and that cake ended up being dropped, which made the writing on the top a bit difficult to read. I may have a picture to share with you.

The fun and laughter continued until sometime after 5:00, when the jolly group finally broke up and scattered in different directions, heading home for the night.

It promises to be a good evening, with our windows open and the peaceful evening atmosphere adding to an already wonderful day.

Tomorrow we have nothing on our agenda other than a morning walk.

I’ll find something to write about though.

Life is Good!

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